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X Factor finalists Brooks Way suspended from live shows

Identical twin brothers, Josh and Kyle Brooks, have been suspended from tonight's (October 8) X Factor which would have been the first round of live shows of 2016.

Show host, Dermot O'Leary, said:

"Sadly, due to circumstances, Brooks Way will not be appearing this evening."

There is no official word as to why Brooks Way are not on the show.

A few weeks ago Josh Brooks was forced to issue a statement in light of a situation that happened at the start of the year in which his girlfriend was injured whilst witnessing a fight at a party. He said:

"Amelia, along with others, tried to break it up and she was accidentally knocked in the process. It was never my intention to hurt her or put her in danger and this situation is way out of my character."

Currently, it is doubtful these two situations are related despite other media outlets keen to link the two. 

Pressparty hope the Welsh brothers return to the X Factor next weekend.

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Watch Brooks Way on X Factor below:


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