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Saara Aalto says the 'X Factor' was the best but most exhausting experience

Saara Aalto says the X Factor was the most exhausting experience of her life.

The Finnish singer, who got to the final of last year's competition, enjoyed taking part in the show as she was able to move to London but has admitted it was one of the hardest things she's experienced in her life. The 29-year-old star admits:

"It was the best experience and the most exhausting experience of my life. It was really tough. Fortunately I got to be there for the whole time. Of course it was really tiring. So many months in the 'X Factor' house and sharing my room with five other girls was tough."

Aalto lost out on the X Factor crown after Matt Terry beat her to it, but the singer, who celebrated her birthday on Tuesday (May 2), said she is still in touch with her fellow contestants and has the contact numbers of the judging panel. She said:

"Some of them came to my birthday party. 

"I do have the judges phone numbers as well but I haven't seen them since leaving the show. When I release my music I will text Sharon Osborne and ask her about my songs."

Saara has tried multiple times to represent her home country Finland in Eurovision but has never been given the chance - despite getting into the final in the competition twice and hopes now she's a success in the UK, she will be able to do it. She said:

"I tried to get in three times in Finland. Two times I have been second in the competition. It's my dream. At this moment though I don't think it's the best move to do. Who knows one day I might represent the UK."

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