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Kelly Rowland slaps her X Factor contestants with an alcohol ban

X Factor judge Kelly Rowland is stepping up her game and has slapped her eight X Factor contestants with a booze ban as they enter the boot camp stage of the competition. 

The 'When Love Takes Over' singer has been portrayed as an emotional mentor on the show so far, but this new introduction of a 'tough love' approach sees Rowland cement her position of authority. She explained:

"There will be absolutely no alcohol, no smoking, no talking loud in clubs. I want them to take care of their bodies. I will be like, 'Don't let anything knock you off your focus or you will lose everything.'"

"I didn't go out until I was at least 22 and I didn't party until two years ago. I've always been strict. I don't drink a lot, I want to succeed."

Rowland also added that success is something she will push her group to achieve because "each generation is meant to be better":

"I want them to be better. Better than me, better than Lady Gaga, better than Beyonce. Better than this generation. Each generation is meant to be better. I remember talking to Whitney Houston and she was saying, 'It's just getting better and it should continue to get better.' I heard Janet Jackson say that too."

"I am the same, I always want to get better and I want my girls to be better."

Watch her video for 'Motivation' here: