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Prime Minister David Cameron is a fan of The X Factor

The United Kingdom's Prime Minister, David Cameron, has admitted that he is a huge fan of The X Factor and regularly tunes in with his family. 

He explained to Grazia magazine that his eldest daughter, 7-year-old Nancy, likes to watch the show although he tends to avoid the initial auditions stage because of the strange people that the talent contest tends to attract:

"Nancy loves The X Factor but I wait until nearer the end of the series. I can't be dealing with the man in the silver suit."

Although Cameron didn't reveal which act has his vote this time around, he added that he's been expanding his 'trash television' horizons and even tried to get into reality show The Only Way Is Essex at his father-in-law's request:

"My father-in-law told me I should watch it, which is very funny, so I saw about half an episode but it was just too raucous for me."

Watch an interview with the Prime Minister, in which he talks about his dislike of social networking site Twitter, here: