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Janet Devlin: 'I wouldn't have accepted Courtney Love's offer to perform Nirvana songs'

Janet Devlin, who is The X Factor's latest eliminated finalist, has admitted that she would never have performed a Nirvana song on the show. 

The talented Irish vocalist made headlines last week after Hole superstar Courtney Love sent both her and music mogul Simon Cowell public messages on Twitter about potentially singing tracks written by her late husband, Kurt Cobain. 

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Devlin explained that although it was an incredible offer she didn't want to do the songs a disservice so decided to avoid attempting them on the televised talent contest:

"[To get a tweet from Courtney] was amazing. I am going to confess though, I would never sing a Nirvana song on this show. I wouldn't have wanted Kurt Cobain to be turning in his grave. You have to understand I respect him so much, so I wouldn't do that."

"I kind of hated myself for singing a Chili Peppers song. That song is brilliant, it deserves the right to be played in all five minutes of its glory. To cut it down on Saturday actually killed me, it disgusted me. It actually hurt me to sing it."

Watch Devlin's much talked about rendition of Hanson's 'MMMBop' here: