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Marcus Collins enduring wrath of White Stripes fans

Marcus Collins has revealed he has been on the receiving end of abuse from White Stripes fans who dislike his cover of their hit 'Seven Nation Army'.

Collins is releasing his own take on the song as the first single off his debut album, which is due to be released in March.

However, Collins told The Sun that he has been receiving grief from angered White Stripes fans - but he reckons it is just because of the "X Factor connection". He said:

"I've had a lot of abuse. Plenty. Seriously. But I know I can't please everyone. A lot of people have got opinions on it but they can always listen to the White Stripes version. Why are they listening to me if they don't like it? Listen to the original if you don't like my singing. It's just the X Factor connection but, you know, why are people kicking off about it now?"

As previously reported, Collins has also spoken of the abuse he has received from people in general, often of a homophobic or racist nature.




Listen to Collins' cover of 'Seven Nation Army' below: