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Tinie Tempah: 'I want to represent well-brought-up hip-hop artists'

'Pass Out' superstar Tinie Tempah has opened up about the stereotype surrounding the modern grime and hip-hop music scenes. 

In a new interview, Tinie explained that people expect the stars to represent a generation of crime or broken homes when in reality a lot of the artists are well-brought up and educated individuals, much like himself:

"I'm incredibly close to my mum and dad. Even to this day I call them mummy and daddy. I was well-brought-up, my parents are still together. When people listen to hip-hop, they think everybody's from a broken home; that it only appeals to people from broken homes and those on drugs."

"But the majority probably do live with their mum and dad. They probably do go to good schools, and I just want to represent that."

Earlier this year, he confirmed that his new studio album 'Demonstration' is due to be released in October.




Watch Rita Ora's video for 'R.I.P.', which also features Tinie, here:


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