TolbertToz Releases New Single - Gotta Let It Go

#1 on UK Independent and in the Top 25 on KBRadio Canada



TolbertToz Released their latest Single called "Gotta Let It Go" on Friday 7/12 with Good Reception.
The Song is #1 on UK Independent Radio for 7/22/19.
Also In the Mix on KBRadio.Canada coming in at #20 on the Top 25.

We caught up with TolbertToz about the New Song.

** You guys have a New Single just Released... how was this song cultivated?

Tim: Joy sent me the initial idea with just a A Capella melody. So a track was developed around that.
I like when Joy has the initial idea because everything comes from the vocal.

Joy: Sometimes songs just come all in one big chunk, melody and words...and that’s what happened with this song. I had an image in my head of a girl waking up in the morning and noticing that her partner wasn’t there anymore and as I usually do, I build a movie in my head. I decided that rather than this being a sad moment, it could be an empowering one. This is the result of that movie all coming to me at once.

** So as a team you are developing songs at a distance but finalizing the tracks in Person. How is that process going for you?

Joy: The process that Tim and I use is one out of necessity rather than desire. We live 2 hours or so from each other and in order to write the way we do we each do our part separately and then come together through emails until we get to a point where we feel it is ready to record.

Once that occurs, we do get together in person. Tim brings all of his recording equipment and we lay down the vocal tracks. He has for the most part laid down all the instrumentation at this point. After the vocals are done and I have fed Tim some home cooking, Tim goes back to his place and begins the mixing process. This is also done through emails and sending MP3’s to me until we get a final product that we are both happy with. Then everyone gets to hear the magic.

Tim: What Joy said...and the Menu is always outstanding.

** What's in the Pipe... any material planned in the next 3-6 months

Tim: Absolutely. We always have something simmering and we will jump between a few tracks till they're ready for Joy. Two current songs we are planning to record in early August. So at least one of those will be out in September/October. There are other songs in the wings waiting to be Mixed. So the creation of songs aren't the order that they are released. We decide what feels right at the time to release a song.

You can find Joy and Tim Everywhere @TolbertToz


TolbertToz is... Joy Tolbert & Tim Toz

Joy & Tim’s long distance collaboration is a culmination of songwriting, studio and live experience and the innate fondness of similar tastes in Rock & Pop.

They usually land on the same page.

But new ideas spark new conversations and... new songs.
That's where the fun is.

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July 18, 2019 6:31pm ET by TolbertToz  

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