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Rapper Travis Scott on music stars who inspire him

Travis Scott has revealed that he is inspired by Kid Cudi.

The rapper says that he takes inspiration from the likes of Pete Rock and Pharrell as well as Kanye West, who is the husband of Travis' partner Kylie Jenner's half sister Kim Kardashian.

Scott shared: "One of my idols is Kid Cudi and the way he tells his stories about how he felt as a kid growing up, like where he's from. I related to that. I adopted my own form of storytelling - whether it's through melodies or through raps or both.

"And as a producer too, just studying other fire producers - Pete Rock, Kanye, Pharrell - I was always into mixing different genres. I wasn't stuck solely in one field."

He says that he hopes to inspire his fans with his music. He added to Playboy's Spring 2019 #TheSpeechIssue: "When I started, I never thought I could do arenas and be so big that so many people would come listen to the music and know the words. I think what makes a great artist is just the people you touch. Are they moving to your music? Are they living their life to it? Are they rocking with it or feeling inspired by it, or is it helping them get through something?"

The music star released his album Astroworld last year, admitting at the time that he couldn't wait to get something out but wanted it to be perfect.

He said: "People have been waiting so long man, but with albums I just feel like there's no need to rush. I just want to feel comfortable, I just want to feel happy myself once it's finished."

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