VIVIAN STANSHALL and YMA SUMAC - deluxe reissues

VIVIAN STANSHALL - 'Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead' Aug 6th Vinyl + CD + Download (PoppyDisc - POPPYLP015 / POPPYCD015)

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The Great Vivian Stanshall's LOST album is FOUND. Remastered on vinyl with family notes. A Masterpiece of course.!

Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead is the rather splendid 1974 debut solo album by British musician, writer and comedian and legendary Ginger Geezer Vivian Stanshall. Long unavailable apart from low quality bootlegs, this is a sumptuously remastered luxury edition sanctioned by the estate and family. The single Lakonga/Baba Tunde is exclusively on the CD edition….

Featuring a whole raft of Rock and Jazz royalty (see below), this is perhaps Stanshall's crowning moment as a solo recording artist. The album's title is a reference to a game played by members of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band when travelling between concerts, in which players made up ridiculous interpretations of road signs. ("Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead" was a Stanshall favourite as an alternative interpretation of the sign meaning "road works ahead".) I say!

With full brand new liner notes by Mrs Stanshall, aka acclaimed novelist Ki Longfellow, this is the definitive version, coming out as a lovely vinyl record as well as CD and download.  A lost classic if ever there was one..

"Vivian Stanshall - vocals, recorder, euphonium, ukulele, Chelonian pipes
"Anthony "Bubs" White - electric guitar
"Steve Winwood - bass guitar, organ
"Gaspar Lawal - talking drums, congas, xylophone, drum kit ("How The Zebra Got His Spots")
"Neil Innes - piano, slide guitar, organ ("How The Zebra Got His Spots")
"Jim Capaldi - drum kit, lesser log
"Deryk Quinn - cabassa, Nigerian coffee tables, greater log
"Ric Grech - violin
"Reebop Kwaku Baah - congas ("Prong & Toots")
"Doris Troy, Madeline Bell, Barry St. John - backing vocals
"Ayus Ape, Gani, Gaspar Lawal - male Yoruba chorus
"unidentified West Indian taxi driver - bass guitar ("Lakonga" and "Baba Tunde")
" unidentified West Indian taxi driver's friend - drum kit ("Lakonga" and "Baba Tunde")

1.Afoju Ti Ole Riran (Dead Eyes) , 2.Truck-Track 3.Yelp Bellow, Rasp Et Cetera 4.Prong 5.Redeye 6.How The Zebra Got His Spots
7.Dwarf Succulents 8.Bout Of Sobriety 9.Prong & Toots Go Steady 10.Strange Tongues
CD bonus / exclusive tracks "Lakonga" and "Baba Tunde"

YMA SUMAC - 'Mambo!' Aug 6th
Vinyl + Download (PoppyDisc - POPPYLP014)

PoppyDisc presents THE classic early RevOla edition of this masterpiece of Exotica, complete with the out-takes and backing tracks that made it such a hit.  Eagerly sought after by everyone since its deletion many years ago, this staple of the first Creation run of RevOla is once more available. Now, and even better, the original 1950s album line up will be available on deluxe vinyl. Mambo was the must-have Yma Sumac record...the one that led to her rediscovery by ad agencies and movie music supervisors.  Here it is, back on vinyl as it¹s meant to be, looking and sounding even better! Beautifully remastered from the original tapes, the download edition contains sessions-in-progress and rarities that provide a unique insight to the wonderful world of Yma Sumac.  As always there is sumptuous packaging in true RevOla style.

Mambo (Vinyl LP) Tracklisting:  Bo Mambo/ Taki Rari/ Gopher/Chicken Talk/ Goomba Boomba/Malambo #1/ Five Bottles Mambo/ Indian Carnival/ Cha Cha Gitano/ Jungla/ Carnavalito Boliviano  


PoppyDisc is the label of Creation Records co-founder Joe Foster and is also the home of his RevOla imprint.

PoppyDisc is the bespoke record label, exotic, wild yet exquisitely styled, individual but inclusive. We pride ourselves in releasing recordings by some of the most extraordinary music makers both of the past and of the now. Here are just some of them: the smooth jazz tinged tones of Chet Baker, Korean pop chanteuse YeonGene, Belgian provocateur Jacques Brel, sweet Gene Vincent, Moondog the Viking of Sixth Avenue and the original soundtrack of 'The Girl Can't Help It' (released on CD for the first time ever)…latest is the first and best solo album by the wonderful Vivian Stanshall, 'Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead' and 'Mambo!' by the amazing Yma Sumac.  A headlong dive into the realms of the burgeoning and very NOW worldwide neo psychedelic scene will be documented in a series of compilations/reports from the front on Vinyl and Download… the past, the future.. we think you will like what you hear.


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