Tripov Release an Easy Song After Going Viral in Indonesia

A Fresh New Single and Music Video After Trending on Youtube, Spotify and TikTok



An Indonesian band, Tripov, who previously re-released a collaborative single with Agung Hapsah (eevnxx), ranked on Spotify Indonesia’s Viral 50 for 3 weeks. They also have a trending music video on YouTube Indonesia, and have released their latest single “So Easy”. Listen here:

“So Easy” is brought to life with an eye-catching visual, directed by Esther Asher – watch it below. In this video, you will see simple visuals with a play of colors and interesting visual compositions. “So Easy” was produced entirely by Tripov independently and written by its members Evan Asher, Jilie Kezia, and Yoga Bagaspati.

With the style of Pop - R&B music inspired by “Sun Rai - San Francisco Street”, enjoy the music on vacation or a relaxing afternoon. The lyrics of the chorus are very catchy, and the hook produced by the guitar also attracts listeners.

2 months ago, they were invited to several major radio stations in the capital city of Jakarta, like Prambors and Mustang. Tripov state that they will release their song “So Easy” as part of their first album which will be coming soon.


Hi, we are TRIPOV!

It’s been a big adventure for us this past year.

So many of our wildest dreams came true this year and we are very grateful for everyone's help in making it happen.

We’ve met a lot of amazing people in the music industry, from the first day we released our first single until our fourth one. It’s been a humbling experience for us and we appreciate all the opportunities these songs have given us.

It’s always been our dream to bring new experiences to our fans and listeners. Since our last single reached 1 million streams we are thrilled to keep doing what we are doing right now. We are going to keep releasing brand new singles in the next few months while we are preparing for our new album (seriously, we are so excited to share this with you!) Because of our combined musical taste and a lot of love for so much music and many artists, we will create something a bit different from other bands.

Even though some people said that our music genre is R&B, we don’t really think so (feel free to let us know your thoughts about our music! :D). We believe in expressing our true and authentic selves through our love of music. Don’t you (yes you) agree?

Please keep cheering us on, so that we can share more music and inspire new and fresh ideas in people around us!

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August 4, 2022 11:03pm ET by Tripov  

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