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U2's Adam Clayton opens up about mental health struggles

U2 rocker Adam Clayton has opened up about struggling with alcohol and "other things" in a new interview with RTE's 2FM. 

The star explained that he has worked really hard at keeping his mental health in a good place because he suffered in silence for a long time:

"I relied too much on alcohol and other things to get me through."

"I pretty much had a eureka moment. I was fed up of the way I felt constantly. In my particular case, it was difficult for me not to go 'you've got a great life, what's wrong with you'. Eventually I got fed up with feeling fed up."

Clayton added: "Eventually a few friends who'd been through alcohol and drug treatment said 'you can get over this, you can feel better'. At the root of addiction, certainly in my case, was a mental issue. It's how I approached the day. I was able to get help and revise my thinking and turn that around. I'm a much happier bunny now."

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