The “Blaze Indie L.A” Urban Music Review Show Is Filming For Cable Television

The Blaze Indie LA Show is the #1 GO TO SHOW for Artists with LIVE On-Air Music Reviews, Hot music & videos being Seen and Heard all over the world through syndication. The webisode in its 2nd year is now filming for cable tv.

The series is dedicated to keeping the BAD MUSIC out of the Universe by giving honest and knowledgeable criticism to the hobbyist artist and putting Good Music on the map by gaining exposure for serious artists and playing their songs during the broadcast. The show specializes in the critique of Urban Genre Music by Indie Artists with the occasional Major Artist and Label submitting music for review also. The show will also have its music review session rebroadcast through a companion radio show called the Blaze Indie L.A Remix hour, and will be syndicated over AM/FM and Internet Radio.

The show is unique in that the format involves local artists who come in studio with the hosts of the show and listen to user sent song submissions and give feedback. The show has a dedicated phone line at 1(844BLAZELA). The Local artists can now perform Live on stage at the show, and, also bring up to 5 fans to the live taping for a one of a kind experience. .  

HOST : Lady I.M.PRE$S –

Blaze Indie L.A is produced by creator and co-host Lashaun Turner who owns Urban Starz Media & P.R, with assets over Radio, TV, and Digital Media. Urban Starz Media & P.R delivers Multimedia Publicity globally through content development, hosting, sharing and distribution throughout various platforms. “This show is a prime example of how we innovatively get exposure for artists” states Lashaun Turner. “I am an Artist Influencer/Music Publicist and I would receive tons of messages and links to music with the note “listen and tell me what you think”, so I decided to make a show of it. It took off pretty well in the 1st year with over 100k views! And now we are fortunate to be filming in the new and illustrious ILONDON FOG Studios, for cable television. To my knowledge we are a one of a kind ensemble broadcasting this type of show over the Web, Radio and Cable Tv”.


 INSANE- Sean “Insane” Turner Is the lead music reviewer and Co-host of the show. His expert ear for music and knowledge of the music industry on top of years of experience as an artist allows him to bring a "crazy" yet effective way of delivering his musical opinion to other artists across the musical planet.

The Cast & Crew-

 Michaelangelo known as the “Prettiest face in radio” joined the cast early on and brings a light hearted sometimes funny perspective to reviewing music. He came to the show as a guest, and never left, (lol).   Tony Roq (The Executioner) is a recurring no- nonsense type of panelist. 

The show is filming at ILONDON FOG Studios in Lake Elsinore California.

For Booking contact Jessica @ 1(800) 517-6909 or or Lashaun Turner (951) 665-8365.

MUSIC SUBMISSIONS- for a free music review send Clean Radio Edit Mp3 to

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