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01 Aquasky ft Sporty-O ''Make It Rain' / 02 The Autobots & Dead Audio ft MC Spyda 'Bring Back The Sound'  / 03 Rennie Pilgrim 'One By One (Toronto Is Broken Mix)' / 04 Black & Blunt ft Beatsmack 'Get Together' / 05 601 'Strobelight' / 06 Aquasky ft. Michelle Udogu 'Wanted Man' / 07 Timmy Schumacher ft MC Spyda 'Rock Out'  / 08 MadRush ft. HeavyFeet 'Rocky Road' / 09 RadioKillaZ 'War Iz Ugly' / 10 The Autobots & Dead Audio ft Roisin Brophy 'Release The Beast' / 11 Aquasky 'Here To Eternity' / 12 Rennie Pilgrim 'One By One' / 13 MadRush ft. HeavyFeet 'Get Ya V's Up' / 14 601 'Ready For Battle' / 15 MadRush ft. HeavyFeet 'Bawl Out' / 16 Aquasky ft. The Ragga Twins, MC Spyda & RTC 'Heatwave' / 17 Timmy Schumacher 'Smooth Operator' / 18 601 'Blackout'  / 19 Black & Blunt 'Move Your Feet'

It is now 20 years that the infamous words "Bring The Muthaf**kin Ruckus" was first etched into our consciousness by the RZA on the debut album by The Wu-Tang Clan. An album that snatched the rap crown back from the sun drenched GFunk streets of the West Coast and returned it to the windswept concrete streets of New York’s East Coast. A classic crew, a classic album from a classic era.

Now in 2013 Passenger Records head-honchos Aquasky takes that memorable soundbite and flips it into a fresh new compilation. Like the Wu-Tang Clan itself, this album is a collection of individual artists, all established in their own right. Some are young to the breakbeat scene, others are have been rattling bass-cones for many years now. A collection of sounds, inspirations and ideas that all fuses together with one underlying element connecting them… RUCKUS, filthy bassline ruckus!!!

With that ethos shared with all the contributors you can be sure this project isn't for the faint hearted, all contributors brought their A-Game, all trying to out do the other. Out of retirement come the much loved Autobots teaming up with the new dustup producers DeadAudio, fusing the vocal talents of MC Spyda and Roisin Brophy. Aquasky throw forward four tracks, two vocal and two instrumental but all full of demented bass and riffs. HeavyFeet joins forces with Manchester MC, MadRush, for three new schooling beat tonkaz. Original Passenger artist Timmy Schumacher flies in from New Zealand with two firey tunes, one featuring another Passenger regular, MC Spyda, he of Pendulum & Knife Party fame. And returning to drop some vocal gymnastics on Passenger is Atlanta based rapper Sporty-O.

No Aquasky inspired album would ever be complete without the pairing up with Flinty Badman and Deman Rockers from The Ragga Twins alongside their superbad buddies from RTC - CoGee, MTEK and Pedro Slimer. Heading way down south, to the lands of Perth, Australia, we have Black & Blunt and Beatsmack with two straight groovin 140 sleng-tengerz. From the new school of 140 breakbeat producers comes Radiokillaz with their tune 'War Iz Ugly' and firmly from the old school, from the era of the original acid house parties of London gone by is the lynchpin of the Rhythm Section; Mr. Rennie Pilgrim. And finally, we have three tracks from the unstoppable 601, taking time out from recording their debut album for Passenger Records titled 'We Do Bass'. These guys know how to make a killa bassline and unleash Da Madness and here is the evidence!

Lastly there are three spanking remixes… one by the man of now in the world of dubstep… the ever angry powerhouse that is Funtcase. Another by the crew of the dubstep world… Genetix!!! Followed up by the Subslayer labels beacon of bass, Toronto Is Broken, for a fierce 140 relick of Rennie Pilgrim.

So no pretentiousness here, no hocus pocus… the album title leads the charge. Open your windows and go Bring The Ruckus!!!

Bring The Ruckus Remixes - Funtcase/Genetix by Passenger Records


Bring The Ruckus Album 2013 by Passenger Records


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