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GRLwood have released their newest single “Keep It Average,” across all DSPs with an accompanying self-directed music video. With distorted, impassioned vocals from lead singer Rej Forester, “Keep It Average” seamlessly blends thundering drums and pulsing guitars. The track discusses the tribulations of wanting to push for a better life for yourself but being scared of the potential risks. Elaborating on the track, Rej Forester states:

“When the world seems to beat you down, it can feel like hiding yourself and reflecting the worlds apathetic/self serving attitude back at it, is the only way to protect yourself, “keeping it average.” But if you put all of our energy into hiding yourself from the potential risks, you also hide yourself from the potential gains.” - Rej Forester of GRLwood

The accompanying music video features an eclectic trope as we follow someone dressed in a chicken suit, feeling very much the outsider. As onlookers give disapproving looks and throw trash at the individual, we get an understanding that they feel that they don’t belong and are being scared of taking the chance to fit in.

“To be able to love fully, you have to risk being hurt fully. To be able to take hold of success completely, you have to take the risk to fail fully. The world is a beautiful and bright place for those looking for that, as it is dismal and sad for those looking for that. Reflect back to the world what you want, no matter what it's given you in the past, because you are making your own future, right now." - Rej Forester of GRLwood

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rej Forester created GRLwood in 2016 as a solo project. GRLwood currently performs as a duo, consisting of Forester and drummer, Mia Morris. GRLwood has performed nonstop and has formed a strong following in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. They have been praised for the community they’ve cultivated, their explosive live performances, and most of all for their fearless and tireless gusto when it comes to dismantling the patriarchy, tackling misogyny and toxic heteronormative ideologies through their music. GRLwood has been featured by the likes of Billboard, NPR, AV Club, BTRtoday, Pandora Blog, Wussy Mag, and many more.

“Keep It Average” was written and recorded by Rej Forester and performed as GRLwood. The track is available for streaming on all DSPs today with a music video available.

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