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Will.i.Am confident that Cheryl Cole will be "a household name in the US" soon

Will.i.Am has so much faith in his long-time friend Cheryl Cole that he whole-heartedly believes she will soon be "a household name in the US". 

The Black Eyed Peas superstar told New magazine that he is currently working on a "lot of projects" with the 'Promise This' singer and presenter, and he thinks she will bounce back stronger and more determined than ever:

"She has a lot of very exciting things coming up and we are working on a lot of projects. Nothing will ever keep that girl down for long, and I do mean nothing. She is an inspirational person."

"We speak a lot because, most importantly, she is a very good friend of mine and I want to know how she is doing. On a business level, we have a lot to speak about as well, but with Cheryl it has been and always will be friendship first and business second for me."

He also opened up about the new album that she's recording and revealed that not only does it have a strong dance vibe, but it's so great that it will be "played in clubs across the world":

"It's got a really great dance feel to it - it's going to be played in clubs across the world. This is her best work yet. I don't often say things like this, but I think this album will make her a household name in the US."

Watch Will.i.Am's appearance on Sesame Street below: