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Will Young's personal experience with 'Jealousy'

Will Young's new single may be called 'Jealousy', but the singer has revealed that it's one emotion in particular that he has extensive personal experience of. 

During a recent interview with ITV's A Night With Will Young, he explained that during the recording of his third album, 'Keep On', his "feet well and truly left the ground" and he went through a "diva" stage:

"Some friends eventually pulled me up about it. They visited me in the studio and I was just horrible to them. I wasn’t happy with how my life or career were, and I’d turned into a diva, taking it out on those around me."

He also admitted to being envious of the success other pop stars were enjoying and still struggles not to feel affected by the pressure to compete:

"But when they pointed out how rude I’d become, I took a look at myself and vowed to stop it. And I think I did. But I still struggle not to be jealous of certain stars.”

'Jealousy' will be released on August 21 and you can watch him perform the track on Alan Carr's Chatty Man below: