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Will Young: "the idea of being a father really appeals to me"

'Jealousy' singer Will Young has expressed a desire to have a family in his 40s.

The 32-year-old star admitted that he's always loved the idea of being a father and thinks that as the years go on, the concept of family is becoming much broader and accepted in different ways:

"I do want a family, probably in my 40s. I think it’s great now because people are more accepting about different concepts of what a family is. As long as you love the child, or children, that’s the main thing."

He also said that he wouldn't push aside the idea of surrogacy, adding:

"So would I ever consider surrogacy? Who knows? It’s something to think about and would be a very important decision. But whatever happens, the idea of being a father really appeals to me."

"I do a lot of work with young people and one day I’d like to be giving something to my own children."

Watch Will Young's video for 'Jealousy' below: