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Will Young says that is he is happy with where he is now

Will Young, whose latest album, 'Echoes', reached the number one position in the UK, has explained in an interview with the Guardian's Patrick Barkham that he is happy with his life right now.

He attributes some of this happiness with his age:

"Oh my God, I'm so pleased I'm 32 and not 22. There's no dramas, no arguments, no drunken rants, no tears and sick before bedtime. I'm not saying it's slippers – it's still fun and partying – but there's just less of the drama, and I'm so happy with that."

Young, who first appeared on Pop Idol in 2002, has five chart-topping albums under his belt, four number one singles, including 'Leave Right Now', and a lead role in Sky Living's Bedlam.

With all of these achievements, he has said that without the reality show, he would have hoped to have the same career that he has now: 

"I didn't imagine, but I did really hope. What's so nice is where I am is where I wanted to be. And I was very tenacious that I wanted this type of career."

Check out Will Young's videos for 'Jealousy' and 'Leave Right Now':