"The Adventures of Captain Pump" The World’s First Fitness Superhero by Eileen Shapiro

Out of the depths of the world of fitness and health, a new superhero arises. In the guise of a school janitor comes perhaps the most important and realistic superhero that has ever come to life. Via a fitness dynamo from the pages of a magic comic book, Captain Pump begins his quest to teach the children how to become fit and lead a healthy life, while meeting the challenges of villains in Pumpland and the real world.

Author and fitness mogul Jasson Finney, a real-life Captain Pump has been living in the real world of fitness as well as the entertainment world for nearly all his life. An actor, athlete, personal trainer, Jasson has been helping people of all ages to  become and stay fit, thereby changing their lives to a healthier existence. Now he has created a book especially for children regarding a life changing topic which most parents aren't aware of until their children are older. It provides an early road to a healthy life in an enjoyable and educational way....

How did you ever even get the idea for this book? 

It wasn't an idea for a book but rather a fantastical world where fitness and healthy living thrive.  One day I was on set working on a kid's show. The experience was so much fun I wanted to create a project where I could work with a cast of kids in my own show. I also was a trainer so I combined my two passions - acting and training. So I sat at my computer and The Adventures of Captain Pump was born. In a few hours the whole concept was written - the main characters, the sets, the storyline and of course Captain Pump.   

The superhero in the book is obviously you.... and you are a superhero in real life but as a personal trainer do you get to train children ever?

Yeah! Captain Pump is me 20 years ago and George is me now,  Absolutely. I trained young athletes in both physical and mental aspects of training. I created a Captain Pump school program designed to get young students moving using drumming and movement. Stay tuned, I plan on getting it in into schools across the country. I recently started the promo tour to overwhelmingly positive response for the book. Also I have been told several times by teachers that there is a need for a positive role model who instills confidence and motivation in today's youth, exactly what The Adventures of Captain Pump will do..

What in the book do you think most inspires a kid to stay fit? 

Well in Pumpland we create "Pumpsters",,,someone who is fit, healthy and kind is what we call a Pumpster, and of course, everyone wants to become a Pumpster. Also, the students are based on someone you may know or even perhaps kids will see themselves in our characters, dealing with everyday kid issues as well as the need to exercise and eat well. Finally,  kids will find a friend and a mentor in Captain Pump. As he says at the end of book 1."I am your fitness superhero and we are partners in this journey of becoming fit and healthy to Save the Day the Healthy Way!"

Will there be a sequel?

Sequel? I already have 2 other books written and illustrated. There series will be written in blocks of three. So I hope that soon after we release book 1, book 2 and 3 will follow. Each book has 3 storylines in it - the real world dilemma, the Pumpland problem and an on-going story that gets resolved at the end of the third book in the series, So Book 3,6,9 and 12 will be very important in completing those ongoing storylines. 

How do you feel that this book is different from any other children's book?

There is nothing out there like this book series, First and foremost, Captain Pump is the World's first fitness superhero - a superhero whose mission is to help kids “Save the Day the healthy Way". The story takes place in two different dimensions each depicted by the color of the illustrations...black and white representing the real world and the color illustrations representing Pumpland. Finally this book series is meant to become a go to place for kids to feel welcome and accepted no matter their gender, color or religion. Everybody can and should live a healthy and fit life and Captain Pump along with his Pumpland crew will provide a happy and safe place for kids to discover, learn and be entertained. 

Who did the art work?

I was fortunate to find a wonderful artist with kids of their own who loved the idea and took a personal interest in the project and rest assured they will continue illustrating the ongoing adventures of Captain Pump.

When is this set for release, where can people buy it and if there is a next one, when will that be available? 

The first book will be released across the country on Nov 27th. It will be available at stores across the country, From Barnes and Noble to your local kid's book store and of course Amazon, where you can pre-order it now. The release date for books 2 and 3 have not been set as of yet.

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