Revolushn: No Talks about "Little Red Dolls" by Eileen Shapiro

The brand new haunting single/video by The San Francisco psych band Revolushn has just been released worldwide.  Something a little different for the band, lead singer and lead guitarist "No" reveals a side of himself that no one has ever seen, including himself. The intriguing single is a prelude to their new album to be released in early 2019. 

I spoke to "No" regarding "Little Red Dolls", and what is to follow .....

 “Little Red Dolls”, something a little different for you. What inspired the arrangement and the cool vocals?

 A great musician and singer, Jackie Endy Petrovic whom I was in a band called “The Rub” with several years ago wrote the lyrics for this song. And while that band only played the song maybe half a dozen times before it broke up, that song stuck in my head. When the band broke up Jackie and I lost touch with each other for a long time. Then this summer we found each other on the internet. One of the first things she said to me was “Do you remember “Little Red Dolls"? I told her I had been thinking about that song for decades and still remembered the chords. Then low and behold she found the lyrics! So now I really wanted to record the song. The arrangement and feel came from what I remembered about the song from back in the day. As for the vocals, well, Jackie is the best singer I ever worked with and so the bar was pretty high for me singing the song for Revolushn. I must have sung it a hundred times before it started to feel right. If she had wanted to join Revolushn it would be her singing lol. 

 Can you give us your interpretation of the single?

 The song is about how one can miss things that go away, even when they are scary or spooky. To me it is a very cool bedtime story. It has great imagery and flow. It also has a secret meaning. This is the first song that Revolushn has done with a writer from outside the band. Usually myself or DEKAY write the lyrics but this one is special to me and the band loves it. 


This is the first single released from a brand new album   What can you tell us about the album?

 The album that almost never was! Ha! So we had distilled about 40 songs down to 11 and were getting ready to finish off 9 of them. All the melodies, drums, guitars and keys were recorded. Then I decided to upgrade our studio (Swamptone Studios) and in the process crashed the files for all but two of the songs that we had done. FUCK! That really sucked. But wouldn’t you know Little Red Dolls and White Fire were the only songs that survived the crash. So to keep from being depressed as fuck, I dove into “Little Red Dolls.” It came out really nice and so I got inspired again and now we are in the middle of re-recording the songs that were lost. This next album will have more Indie Pop influences as well as having a strong strong psyche rock feel. I think it will be the best one we have done. 


Before we go any further, who did the artwork for Little Red Dolls?


I had the idea and talked to Ileen about it. I sent her some images to help express the idea. Then she went to work and came up with that image of the little girl. The image seemed to fit the lyrics perfectly so she did a couple of tweaks and showed it to me. I loved it because fits the song so well.  And well, I love Ileen’s art work!

Back to the album, the guitar work on the new single is extraordinary. I guess you’ve been practicing. Can we expect more of that in the album?

OH YEA! I play guitar every day. Sometimes I feel guilty because I spend so much time playing guitar. But it is a good thing so fuck it. So most of the leads were done in one take. I mean I play along with the track a couple of times and then push the red button. I want to push the envelope with regards to guitar on this album. To play right on the edge of control where the sound is delicate and dangerous at the same time. And the way DEKAY plays drums really lends itself to creating  very strong rhythm guitar parts. I love locking into his snare. When that happens and then the bass locks into his bass drum it is candy for my ears.


Another thing that happened is Electrophonic Innovations, a really great guitar maker from Los Angles, sponsored us. Those guitars play like a dream and that really inspired me. They also have the bonus of being self-amplified. So I ended up practicing a lot more because it sounds so good. 


I want to try to do things with the guitar that are not the usual triplet dun ta la dun ta la dun ta la guitar solos you hear on guitar heavy songs as well as pushing what the rhythm guitar normally does. I use a lot of effects on the electric guitar parts and really try to work them in without being overly dependent on them.  But we don’t use many effects on the acoustic parts. I think you will see a bit more acoustic guitar on the next album.

When is the album expected to be released?

Well, the first release date was supposed to be Halloween. The crash of 2018 stopped that. I am hoping to get it done by Christmas but it will probably be more like February. The first single, “Little Red Dolls” will be released on Black Friday. It is a spooky song so it fits. Oh, and that is the only song that is done at the moment.

What made you decide to do what I consider a pop song or at least more commercial than you usually create?

You know, when I hear that I don’t understand it because I don’t consider Revolushn a pop band. Pop is short for popular and last time I checked we ain’t that popular ha ha. So if you listen to other Revolushn songs they all have the pop format, intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus out---. So to me they all could be pop songs. If we were popular that is. I guess the biggest difference with “Little Red Dolls” is the vocal parts. I was super conscious of how great Jackie sang it so I just kept working on it trying to come up with a different sound and a different attitude. We also were lucky enough to get Michael Romanoff master it. The guy is a fucking sonic genius! He did the last Pentatonic's record and really has an ear for making vocals sound good. And the extra bonus is he is great on guitar sounds too. We will probably have him master the new album as well. 



Will you be touring in support of the new album?

Oh yea. We are waiting till the weather gets really shitty to hit the road. We have a new heater in the bus so we are ready to roll. We plan on hitting NYC and the surrounding area in February and then hopefully making it to England while the weather is bad. We hear it gets gloomy in Germany in the winter so that is on our tour wish list as well. 


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