Stephon René "True American Dream”

Dying Haitian Infant Adopted into an American Family to Become a Hip-Hop Artist with Experience, Wisdom, and Songs of Empowerment


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Real experience and struggle meet positive affirmations of strength are not the typical description of hip-hop music. Perhaps that’s why the industry is buzzing about Stephon René’s fresh and honest approach to use his platform to uplift through his personal journey and life lessons.

Stephon’s narrow escape from death is more than an inspiring journey... perhaps fate as well?
“I was adopted as a baby from Port Au Prince, Haiti—malnourished and suffering from tape worm in my stomach, days away from dying.”

Adopted into a wealthy Caucasian family, Stephon was given an incredible second chance and showed gratitude, strength and perseverance to thrive and serve as a motivational force for others. As an established rapper, singer, dancer, and choreographer, Stephon is combining his raw truth with dope beats to lift up. Some of his best known mottos include:
✦ ✦ ✦
“OK OK!”

“OK OK Stephon René” chant


The word “OK" is used as a status for being alright—an affirmation and confirmation of understanding. Stephon aims to empower others through the understanding that even though we may not have yet reached our final step/goal, the journey is just as important. We are headed in the right direction and all is well.

Stephon is an artist who truly serves as an inspiration to himself and others. The streets for young black men are rough. Listening to music that really gets into your head should carry messages of hope, inspiration, strength, positivity, an empowerment. Stephon has dedicated himself to applying his talent of expression and song to send positive affirmations to all who listen to his music.

Some of the main messages that reflect his music teach:
✦ The strength to be OK regardless if your life is.
✦ The affirmation that your existence matters.
✦ That Stephon, like others out there, do understand where you're coming from.

“Fight for what you believe in like you’re fighting for that much needed breath of air. Every denial you face, be it from yourself or from others, is like a kick in the gut knocking the breath out of you. If you want to breathe, than LIVE! Live your life the way that makes you feel the most alive!... Just don't harm others in the process.”

Stephon isn’t afraid to dive into subjects that many artists tend to avoid. His music portrays a raw and artistic form of his experiences and/or emotions. This allows his listeners to visualize
each concept with a more vibrant and vivid picture.To stay up to date with Stephon, tap into the links below.

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