Vedic-Based Scientific Proof: Recreating the Disabled Human Body!


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According to ancient Vedic philosophies and heritage knowledge, innovated by the Indian sage, Guru Yogi Mohan, any human body can be repaired from illness, disease, and deformities through his applied protocol and methodologies.

Globally renown healer Guru Yogi Mohan successfully applies his practice of reversing, reorganizing, and healing the body from all disabilities, deformities and rare disease in less than 8-weeks!

These principles also apply successfully for aging control with all age groups, effectively attaining stable health without ailments. Best of all, no topical or oral medication is needed to achieve desired results!

All theories are derived from 5th Vedas and Vedangas (sub-Veda and sutras). Educational programs are now made available to the public after complete successful trial and error in testing!

Learn how to successfully eradicate disabilities, deformities and rare disease, with a modern approach to ancient wisdom through Guru Yogi Mohan’s healing technologies.

Health professionals, volunteers, parents, special educators, social workers. and parents of disabled children can greatly benefit from applying the methodologies in managing and practicing disability management in all classifications—also known as Disability Elimination Technology (DET).

Based on consistent proven cases, rare disease is also caused by the nonperformance of any of the organs in the body for many reasons. By re-organizing the body, rare diseases will also be resolved and eliminated from the system.

Guru Yogi Mohan has a big plan to eradicate human disabilities within 2025 through education on the technology and application of his healing practices.

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