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Top 100 Fashion Influencer Simonetta Lein is a featured guest on the Waking Up From Work Podcast with hosts Dave Swillum and Ryan Cardigan.

The Waking Up From Work Podcast is a show that does interviews and discussions with entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers and DIY lifestyles. It’s about making a career and life what you want it to be, not what you we think it needs to be.

The Waking Up From Work Podcast is building a community of people looking to better themselves by seriously pursuing their passion with action in order to make it a reality instead of a dream. Candid conversations, deep dives into the process behind successful people, and real thoughts on finance, mentality, relationships, comfort, fear, and all the factors and actions going into taking the leap and taking it seriously. Time to go to work living full time.

Simonetta Lein is an influencer, but she's also so much more. The human spirit has many facets. There are no walls around Simonetta's spirit. The Italian born model and best-selling author journeyed to America and plotted her own destiny, becoming a millennial activist, and one of the top hundred fashion influencers on the planet. Settling in Philadelphia, Lein built a one-woman empire, using her platform to set trends, to empower women and to organize a charity called "The Wishwall Foundation", allowing people from around the world to post their deepest desires on the website's Wishwall. Simonetta "The Wishmaker" Lein and her global network make those dreams come true.

As a radio and television personality, Lein has served as a "Brand Ambassador" for several of Italy's top luxury fashion houses. She has also contributed to or appeared in some of the best known publications in the world including: Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Hollywood Boulevard, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Listen to Simonetta Lein on the Waking Up From Work Podcast below:

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