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10K Entertainment, based out of Atlanta, Georgia is blowing up radio around the world. We sat down with 10k entertainment and spoke to them about their roster, their new single “High” from artists Stick Talk Josh and Lf Money. If you don’t know 10K entertainment or their artists, you better get on that now.  Check out the interview here:

 Who is 10K Ent? What artists are you currently working with and how can people stay up to date with your artists, performances, gear etc. 

 10K Entertainment is a label out of Atlanta with offices globally. The following artists are slated to start dropping: Stick Talk Josh, LF Money, Charlesthegreat, 10kTrevo, Chris Feralli. You can stay up to date with us by following us on Instagram:  @_10kentertainment

We are always looking for new artists to join our team/family.

HIGH” is currently spinning on some major radio stations in the ATL.  Where can we learn more about the artist? 

 We are blessed for the DJ’s nation-wide to take interest in our movement and also in our artists. I can tell you about both artists and how it all started and what brought them to 10K Entertainment here and now.

Stick Talk Josh is a south metro Atlanta (Griffin, GA ) native with ties to the Spaulding Heights community where he was able to make it out with an athletic scholarship. He is a beast on the field to include football and track & field to Lindsay Wilson (Juco). He is extremely educated and majored in Accounting and Business. Even though he was on the right path he took a right turn and got into a little trouble and basically had to return home. Two years passed and after he got his feet back on the ground, he started exploring music and the rest is history. We became family and now his single and video is getting ready to drop. For anyone out there that has a dream keep pushing. Like Strick Talk Josh, mistakes do not define you.


Lf Money is from the slums of Atlanta’s Westside (Simpson Rd). He comes from a big hard-working family with many siblings. LF Money had a passion for music early on. He started recording out of his mother’s basement and began touring with Ralo (Famerica) at the age of 16. The Label saw his talent, ambition, ideas and business sense and he quickly became head of promotions for the label. Lf Money’s Debut Single is “Ock Strong.” He was introduced to the head of 10k Entertainment through his Muslim Brother who happened to be the CEO.

Lf Money & Stick Talk Josh both came over to 10k Entertainment in the spring of 2019.

The single “HIGH” is a joint collaboration with actually two individual artists coming together on this track correct?

Lf Money & Stick Talk Josh did a joint collaboration. The lyrics are tight, the vibe was right and we had no choice but to release it. You bring skills and dope artists on a track and it was a wrap. “High” is available on all platforms Spotify, Apple Music , YouTube Pandora , Deezer , Tidal and many more.

Stream “High” on Spotify here:


For the artist that are just starting out or looking for a deal what advice would you give them? 

 The best advice is to stay consistent, continue to invest in music and use social media as a marketing tool. Be you, we don’t need another artist that is a replica of someone already out. Stay true to who you are. Keep grinding and promote. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Do something different. Enjoy the journey. Do it for your love for music and hip-hop or whatever genre. Money will come, it always comes.

You shot a video with Zane Productions in Los Angeles that has done some major music videos with Universal, Marvel etc. What was it like working with them in Los Angeles? 

 Working with Zane was dope. All 10K Entertainment had to do was show up on set and everything else was taken care of. He understood our vision and brought it to life. He for sure will be 10K Entertainment’s  first look for all videos.

What is next for your label?

We are releasing the “High” video at top of year with follow up singles “Change Me” by LF Money,  “Rackades” by Stick Talk Josh, and “Michael Jackson” by Charlesthegreat. We also have a Miami showcase for television in December. Follow up singles and albums dropping by Mid-Year 2020 include 10k Trevo , and Charlesthegreat.  Our artists are blowing up and 10K Entertainment is on fire!

Where can people keep up with you? 

Our Instagram account has all updated info and links for all artist as well as upcoming shows or performances. Keep tuned in. @_10kentertainment



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