“Never Say “Moist” at Wyndover College” By Gordon S. Jackson Now Available In Audiobook Format


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The war of words at Wyndover College begins with a single shot: a taboo placed on the word “moist” to placate a first-year student who finds the word repulsive. But then, things escalate when an anonymous voice of opposition takes on the college’s strongly pro-student president and his latest innovative program to keep students happy.

As the initially well-received “Word-Free” program gains traction, it divides the college. The enthusiastic mid-level official charged with implementing this concept finds that it’s increasingly difficult to manage, and his efforts are continuously undercut by the imaginative opposition of the Contrarian - a figure who posts creative, snarky messages in a wide range of settings.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Never Say “Moist” at Wyndover College” written by author Gordon S. Jackson and narrated by Keith Barbaria. Now available worldwide, download your copy today on Audible here: https://adbl.co/35YVhEG

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