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Rapper Blk Dwrf born in the parish of St.Elizabeth, Jamaica and moved to Florida at the young age of 9.

It wasn't always fame when he started, Blk Dwrf credits his growth of expansion from meeting a girl named Tatiana " When the student is ready a teacher appears" He's a firm believer of life is what you make of it. Growing up he did many things to gain respect from friends and/ or peers. His thoughts back in the day was "If I went to jail I deserved it'' Life was about the grind.

His life didn't change until 2018. He got tired of living the grind and started to take responsibility. Got a job and started "adulting". He started choosing whom he was willing to spend time with and/or get his motivation.

Depression was something he always dealt with and he convinced himself that mindset can change everything. After meeting this girl "she showed me the light. She lit up all the darkness in my world, and subliminally helped me start up this whole thing." Without her, he would not be writing this, so he gives ALL credit where it’s due! It’s all thanks to her he is changed, more intelligent, a better person all around.

He started focusing on his lyrics and writing. He didn't write music for the money but simply for the love. His intention was to feel heard. He wants to make people feel through sound. He has a genuine love for this, he’d like to end this by saying thank you to all his fans and friends for supporting him and continuing to support him.

We sat down with Blk Dwrf for a one on one check it out the interview here:

Did music come natural or did you have to learn and practice it?

Music was always natural to me. I remember when I first started; someone told me I had everything but a good flow on the beat so ever since then I practiced. That was back in like 2015. Now I’m at the point where I don’t even write until I’m inside the studio just because I’m kind of lazy. It’s a bad habit. But I still get it done

What artist can we compare you to and why?

I’d like to say Mac Miller mostly... Just because Mac was very versatile. I feel like he could’ve hopped on ANY beat and killed it in his way. I feel I’m the same or at least I’m trying to be.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

I’d like people to actually listen to what I’m saying. I want people to understand my positivity & understand the way that I’m living. I want them to understand that no matter what your dream is... Chase it. The universe will follow your energy if you believe in yourself & also never to think that they’re the only one going through what they’re going through. We all go through it but the whole point is to get through it and be better than you were before.

What inspires you to do music?

The people inspire me. Everyone’s support and actual admiration for my music is what inspires me. Every time I drop something and look at my steady growth, I get happy. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment towards what I actually want to do in life. It makes me. Happy. Also, my other main inspiration is my girl. I would not be writing this if it wasn’t for her.

Is there someone you wish to collaborate with?

I’d have to say Travis Scott... just because I feel he has a dope sound... it’s a different sound. Something I feel I could mesh with perfectly but you know... I’m not there yet, so unfortunately it’s still a wish on the list. In due time.

Do you have a quote or theme that you live by?

Yes “aspire to inspire before you expire” I’m not sure where it’s really from but I saw it spray painted on the side of a building and instantly understood. Ever since then I’ve lived by that & I’m doing exactly that now.

Who most influenced you while growing up?

There are so many real artists that didn’t sell out. I’d have to give it to a couple people for inspiration while growing up. One is Movado, the other is Vybz Kartel & lastly 50 cent. They were the best artists back then. Well to me at least.

Do you have a specific challenge that you had to overcome, and how did you accomplish that?

My depression & lack of self confidence. I overcame it through alternative formats. I’m a modern hippie so it is what it is. It helped me ALOT. I realized everything in my life for what it was and I guess you can say I had a re-awakening. Everything has a purpose or a bigger reason behind it. Sometimes when your staring at the problem in the face its hard to believe the problem will and can actually serve you for the better. Depression has served a purpose in my life and for that I am thankful.

What thrills you about playing live?

The excitement it brings. The excitement it brings to me, the people in the crowd, the emotions that come with it.. I love it all & I’ll be here for it as long as I can provide relevant music

What new projects are you involved in?

I’m not involved in any new projects as of recently. Coronavirus is messing up my plans on expanding.. so my current projects really are learning how to produce my own videos and direct them.

If you could tour with anyone on the universe who would it be?

Some aliens that are actually cool. I’d want them to show me the planet from space as well as all the other planets. That would be the experience of a lifetime.

Do you have any advice for the planet?

None for the planet but for the people on it... They need to change & start taking care of our planet. It’s accepted us and gave us life for so long so let’s not ruin it. Don’t forget that every living thing fights for survival if it’s dying & our planet is going to start to do exactly that. Let’s all do better

You're on the front page of the newspaper, what is the title of the article and why?

Because I like to care for people... I like to help In any way I can, financially, mentally, or even giving an opportunity. May that be an opportunity to an old friend or even a complete stranger; I don’t even have much but every time I see a homeless person I search for whatever I can give them just because if that was me I’d appreciate it greatly. So if I could actually figure out some rehab/homeless care facility for them as well then that would be great.. I just want to do more for everyone.

What bridges are you glad you burned?

I don’t have any specific bridge but everyone that I burned deserved it. If I didn’t I might not have been at this point I am now. I accept whatever happened and wish it the best then move on.

What future advice do you have for aspiring artist?

Do better than the last. Never set a bar or limit to what you can do. You have the power and you’ll have influence so use it wisely and don’t take everything for granted & know life is more than what we make it..

What are your social media links?

Instagram @blk.dwrff
Facebook @blk.dwrf
Twitter @blkdwrff
Snapchat @theburntone
Tik tok @blkdwrf

Where can people hear your music?
Link for music

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