The Way To Salvation Is Forgiveness In “Fathers Of Edenville” Now Available In Audiobook Format


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Sylvia Sumner is meeting her lover Jim Hart. From an alleyway, she dashes across the road and hurries down a pathway crossing a field.

Tucker Stewart, who has loved Sylvia since one, brief encounter in the woods back in high school, sees her from his office window and follows her. He fails to acknowledge that her husband, the detective-obsessed Forty Sumner, is watching them from a distance.

Forty takes his gun to go after Tucker. In the aftermath of that night, Sylvia revisits the past overshadowed by her father’s estrangement. Tucker faces his own father’s tragic legacy, inadvertently befriending Forty.

When Jim Hart is found dead, the town is in a mad scramble to rectify the wrongs laid bare when Sylvia disappears to go in search of her father. The lesson they must learn is that the only way to their salvation is forgiveness

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Fathers Of Edenville” written by author Corrine Ardoin and narrated by Doug Greene. Now Available worldwide, download your copy on Audible today:

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