“Whisperers & Witnesses” Official Selection At Catskill International Film Festival October 23-25


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“Whisperers & Witnesses: Primate Rescue, A Visual Journey” by Wendy Stuart Kaplan and Alan Kaplan has been named an Official Selection at the Catskill International Film Festival. Stream “Whisperers & Witnesses” from October 23-25th, 2020.

Synopsis “Whisperers and Witnesses”:

In their latest Visual Journey, we travel to Cameroon with Wendy and Alan Kaplan, to tell the story of two powerful women saving Gorillas and Chimpanzees, and meet some extraordinary people from Cameroon and elsewhere, who are fighting the war against “bushmeat’ in Africa.

As we experience the commitment of these humans, and our connection to the primates who share 98 percent of our DNA, you will be thinking “how can we not save them?” Because when your eyes meet with their’s, “there is a deep, overwhelming connection” that cannot be explained.

Stream “Whisperers & Witnesses” by Wendy and Alan Kaplan along with all of the other entries in the Catskill Film Festival by going to the official website which may be found at https://www.catskillfilmfest.com

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October 22, 2020 8:32pm ET by World Star PR  

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