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Writer, trainer, motivational speaker, former Fortune 500 VP and songwriter Mike Greenly talks about his new song “I See You” (on the Grammy ballot for songwriting) and discusses how he got started in business (Avon, Lever Bros., Scholastic, etc.) , contributing to Sharing Common Ground, the world’s first electronic journalist covering various events and wrote 4 #1 dance hits on Billboard’s charts (11 have charted) plus find out which state he wrote the anthem for! Check out the amazing multi-talented Mike Greenly at https://www.mikegreenly.com

Mike Wagner is a 30+ year broadcasting veteran interviewing the most interesting guests from celebrities, actors, singers, writers to the most interesting people today! Mike is currently a weekend host on KFYR radio in Bismarck, North Dakota playing the greatest songs of all time every Saturday from 6-10a and Sundays from 2-6p Central time. Tune in to KFYR AM 550, KFYR.com, 99.7 FM, and iHeart Radio. You can also listen to the Mike Wagner Show on Soundcloud, Spreaker, Anchor FM and Spotify.

Listen to Mike Greenly on the Mike Wagner Show here:

iHeart Radio: https://ihr.fm/35fGc4z

Spreaker: https://bit.ly/3kkyGts

Anchor FM: https://bit.ly/2UbF0ZJ

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/48cbe7gQq7wlOGJoZ34fpY

The official website for The Mike Wagner Show may be found at:

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November 9, 2020 6:17pm ET by World Star PR  

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