Wendy Stuart Kaplan Guests On The Road To Rediscovery Podcast Hosted By Aubrey Johnson


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Author, Model, Actress, Filmmaker, TV Host Wendy Stuart Kaplan guests on The Road To Rediscovery podcast hosted by Aubrey Johnson.

The Road to Rediscovery (Hosted by Aubrey Johnson)-"Life is a journey. Along the way, we hit tight turns, inclines, and rough terrains where lessons are presented to us. Some of these we discover and learn, and others are presented to us AGAIN later in life. Will we just ignore them and move on, or REDISCOVER the lesson, and grow? Aubrey shares lessons he's learned on his journey, and chats with extraordinary people who share their amazing stories as well."

Tune in to hear Wendy share some of her adventures studying voodoo in Nigeria. You'll also learn about her upbeat and witty approach to tough challenges she's had in her life, and her call to action for us to keep moving forward in the midst of this pandemic. We'll also talk about her new book, She’s the Last Model Standing and her new show, Pandemic Cooking with Wendy.

Listen to Wendy Stuart Kaplan on The Road To Rediscovery Podcast on Stitcher here: https://bit.ly/36Cm5y4

The official website for Wendy Stuart Kaplan may be found at: https://www.wendystuarttv.com

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December 3, 2020 7:27pm ET by World Star PR  

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