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Integrity is protecting someone who betrayed you. Courage is keeping a promise even though it might mean death.

A late-night phone call turns what was to be a fun hunting trip into a deadly showdown. Fifteen-year-old brothers George Tokay, Brian Evans, and Brett McGovern face death on top of a mesa on the Navajo Nation Reservation in Arizona. They have no idea why men are intent on killing them.

“Betrayed” is a contemporary psychological thriller and an exploration of the heart and of a blended family of adopted kids, their relationships to each other, and their parents woven into a tight mystery-thriller.

"To call “Betrayed” a thriller alone would be to do a disservice." (Midwest Book Review)

"A stirring and unusual tale of teenage love, adventure and murder." (Best Thrillers)

"Action and adventure are the words of the day in this thrilling, well-written, page-turner from Joseph Lewis." (Sublime Book Review)

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Betrayed” written by author Joseph Lewis and narrated by Doug Greene. Download your copy on Audible today: https://adbl.co/3h7fgtW

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