Music Evolved Records Launch Party July 31st, 7 PM At Plus 5 Entertainment In Chicago, Illinois


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Music Evolved Records is throwing their launch party starring The Ebonizer on Saturday, July 31st, 7 PM at Plus 5 Entertainment in Chicago, Illinois.

With its headquarters based in Chicago, Music Evolved Records is an independent record label accredited by the Better Business Bureau whose mission is To Entertain, To Educate, To Empower and To Evolve.

With the new wave of the internet, the music industry has changed drastically. The digital era has given ample opportunities for artists to gain exposure for their music, expand their fanbase and release their music without utilizing the resources of the label.

Labels are not generating revenue as they once were before the internet takeover, thus, why they are enforcing 360 deals and less willing to make a huge investment into indie artists and prefer the artist to do most of the legwork themselves before even signing them.

However, even though artists have more freedom now, thanks to the internet, it is more competitive, and without the help of a label that believes in them, their music will be lost in the sea of talented artists looking for their next big break.

This is where Music Evolved Records comes in. Music Evolved Records label is run by artists with the artists’ interest at heart. Not only will Music Evolved Records be an ample player in the success stories of their artists, but they will also educate their artists in how to successfully invest their revenue to create long lasting legacies for themselves.

Music Evolved Records Launch Party
Hosted by: Seandale (Power 92.3) & DH Spazzout
Plus 5 Entertainment
2229 S. Michigan Ave
Chicago, Illinois, 60616

The Ebonizer will be releasing her highly anticipated new single “Gotta Know Your Name” and performing at the launch party. “Gotta Know Your Name” is being officially released on July 31, 2021 worldwide through Music Evolved Records.

The official website for Music Evolved Records may be found at

The official website for The Ebonizer may be found at

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