Twitch Streamer Def Noodles Get Banned On Platform For Doing Poppers


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YouTube star Def Noodles (with over half a million subscribers) has been banned from Twitch for a drug violation, after his show guest “taste inhaled” multiple poppers on his live stream.

In a recent stream with gay comedian Mark Saldana from LA Trash TV, Def Noodles and his guest did a comedy bit where Mr. Saldana inhaled different types of Poppers in an attempt to guess what kind of popper he was trying. Totally in the name of fun, similar to the way others do taste tests with wine, beer or white claws to guess the flavors, and totally done in a completely innocuous and non-sexual way.

Poppers are legally sold over the counter throughout California, no different than alcohol or marijuana and are a predominantly something used throughout the gay community. Twitch allows marijuana and alcohol on it’s platform, and it seems like a real slap in the face to the LGBTQ community for poppers, which are totally legal, to be so swiftly and harshly punished from a platform that presents themselves as allies to the community.

Is it possible that Twitch dropped the hammer so quickly because they are not okay with gay content and the LGBTQ community?

Twitch is very lenient when it comes to straight driven content, but seems hypocritical as a supposed ally of the LGBTQ community to not accept all that goes with it:

After receiving an email about the ban, Def Noodles tweeted:

I was just wrongly BANNED on @Twitch again for doing a Poppers taste test with Mark from @LATRASHTV.
We were told it was a drug violation. But Poppers are not illegal in California, in fact, they are sold over the counter. And I live in WeHo!@TwitchSupport please help
— IRL Noodles (@defnoodles) September 27, 2022

Gay comedian Mark Saldana from LA Trash TV is personally affected and offended by how members of the LGBTQ community are treated on Twitch, when there are so many members of the straight community allowed to drink and smoke freely on the platform, while LGBTQ performers are prejudiced against on a regular basis.

Def Noodle's ban is indefinite, meaning that unless he completes a successful appeal to Twitch, his account will remain suspended.

At this time, Twitch has not commented on Def Noodles' calls for assistance, though he has since started the hashtag #justiceforpoppers and streamed on YouTube to talk about the ban. It's currently unclear if he will return to Twitch or if he will have to make a shift to YouTube permanently.

Watch “I Got Banned On Twitch Again” on the Def Noodles YouTube channel here:

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October 1, 2022 12:46pm ET by World Star PR  

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