Emmy Nominated Marvel Productions Producer/Director Larry F. Houston Joins The Cast Of “Quigley 2”


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Larry F. Houston, the Emmy Nominated Marvel Productions Producer/Director (The X-Men Animated Series, Batman, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, and many more) has joined the cast of William Byron Hillman’s family feature “Quigley 2” for his first acting role playing Kris Kringle. Houston is one of the original 12 creators of Marvel Productions.

“Quigley 2 “is the sequel to the hit film Quigley, named one of the TOP 20 Family Films of all time.

Larry F. Houston is the Emmy-nominated, Producer/Director of The X-Men Animated Series, the phenomenally successful 1990s series that was part of the foundation that helped launch Marvel's multi-billion-dollar franchises. He is also the 2018 Ink Pot Winner in Animation from the San Diego Comic Con.

Hired by Filmation as the FIRST African American Saturday Morning Storyboard Artist, he storyboarded and directed some of the favorite 80s and 90s classic shows such as Thundarr, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, GI Joe, GI Joe The Movie Intro, Mr.T, Batman, Jonny Quest, Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, The Fantastic Four, Mighty Orbots, Bionic Six, ExoSquad, Bucky O'Hare, Jem, Galtar, C.O.P.S., Spawn, Ultimate Avengers II, Community and
Kid N' Play.

He pencilled the He-Man Mini-Comics that accompanied the toy figures, worked as an inker on DC's All-Star Squadron, Captain Carrot and pencilled a TANK story for the DNAgents and FLARE story for Heroic Comics. He drew the Animated Series Intros to THE X-MEN, the

“Quigley 2” Synopsis:

A small toy factory, staffed entirely with Autistic personnel, is owned by Bob and Artie.
Ro (Olivia d’Abo) is a rich woman, thought to be a lifelong friend, but is conniving behind their backs to put them out of business.

She wants to develop the property and refers to Bob and Artie as collateral damage. The Toy Factory is secured by a family trust lease, but if they can’t maintain the terms, the agreement becomes null and void. Ro hires Mitch, a slacker, to take care of the problem and put them out of business. To keep his hands clean, Mitch hires Vinnie (Allessandro Folchitto) and Moe, 2 less than competent goof-offs to do the job for him. That’s when the emergency bell in heaven rings.

The Arch Angels gather. Next on the list is Thurmond, a wingless Angel that has been waiting many years for another shot at gaining wings.

Thurmond is heaven’s canine dance team trainer, so when told to take a friend, he chooses 2 of his best friends, Quigley, and Knuckles to accompany him.

Their mission, to rescue the toy factory, help the autistic staff stay employed, stop the slackers, and make sure every child in town gets a toy for Christmas.

Hillman is writer and director, and the producers are Jimmy Star, Olivia d’Abo, Steve Allgeier, Lorenzo Omaggio and Alessandro Folchitto.

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