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George LaMond is a featured guest on “Freestylin with Stevie B” hosted by iconic freestyle legend Stevie B and DJ Sama.

George LaMond is an American freestyle music and salsa music singer. Lamond has releases 7 albums (five via Sony Music) between 1889-2014. Best known for his 1989 #25 Billboard debut, “Bad of the Heart”, and his#1 salsa smash, “Que Te Vas” (which spawned an RIAA-certified Gold album). He also had a top 5 radio hit “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

Join us as we sit down with the one and only George Lamond! Not only will we be diving into his legendary music career and his timeless hits, but we'll also be discussing George's personal journey with health and wellness, and how he's managed to stay on top of his game while recording some of the most iconic freestyle tracks of all time. You won't want to miss this!

“Freestylin with Stevie B” is an incredible new show geared toward interviewing artists from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Stevie B and DJ Sama discuss their celebrity guest’s careers, including the highs and lows as well as the steps they took to overcome adversity.

A new era of dance music was born when Miami native Stevie B’s first independently released single “Party Your Body” hit South Florida’s glittering club scene in 1987. After years spent paying his dues doing everything from mowing lawns to washing cars, Stevie B’s skills as a writer, producer and performer thrust him into the pop spotlight. “Party Your Body” worked it’s way across America, eventually selling over 200,000 copies, an amazing achievement for an independently released single. This success paved the way for Stevie’s debut album “Party Your Body.” The album gave birth to two more hit singles, “Dreaming of Love” and “Spring Love”, which propelled the album to RIAA Platinum status.

In 1989, Stevie B’s sophomore effort “In My Eyes” showed him growing as an artist, as the album took on a much more sophisticated flavor. In addition to his trademark dance songs, the album also featured smooth and soulful ballads and giddy pop tunes. “I Wanna Be The One” solidified Stevie’s crossover into the pop market as the song rose into the Billboard Top 40. However, it was the power ballad “Love Me For Life” that took Stevie all the way into the Top 10 and made him the artist with the highest debuting song in the history of R&R magazine. Like it’s predecessor, “In My Eyes” went onto RIAA Platinum status, setting the stage for Stevie B to become a household name worldwide.

Though the record debuted in the Top 10, “Love & Emotion” was released in 1990 to little fanfare. In fact, it was largely ignored until radio stations began getting barraged with requests for “that song about the postman.” That song of course was “Because I Love You” (The Postman Song) and it would be a highlight and pinnacle for Stevie B taking the Number One spot on Billboard, and remaining there four consecutive weeks. “Love & Emotion” also garnered RIAA Platinum status. Stevie B’s career has been a whirlwind of success, with three RIAA Platinum albums containing a total of thirteen Top 40 dance and/or pop singles and one Classic #1 Hit. From heart-stopping ballads to hip-shaking dance songs, Stevie B does it all, and his new hit single “Take It All Back” will surely put him back on the charts as it is going to be burning up the radio airwaves and clubs all around the world.

DJ Sama is the definition of a true Master of music, he has a vast musical knowledge on how to transition from classics to today’s latest hits at the drop of a dime and in a seamless progression that will always leave jaws dropping on the dance floor. His musical genres include Dance, Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, Disco and EDM. DJ Sama is a Cuban American and can speak and entertain in both English and Spanish and is capable of entertaining as a Master of Ceremonies and or Disc Jockey.

DJ Sama is also a musical producer and has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to include acts like Pitbull, Fulanito, Tito Puento Jr and many more. He has had #1 rated shows on Power 96, Mega 949, Hot 105, and iHeart Radio’s 939 MIA and MIA 921 in West Palm Beach to name a few.

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