Press Release: Finn Bonel - Wedding Song

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Single: ‘Wedding Song’

Released: 14/05/2012 (Fat Controller)

Free Download: Solitary Man


(Press quotes from debut single ‘Love’s The Only Thing’)

“A richly textured and beautifully orchestrated take on classic Americana” – The Music Fix 

Bonel truly does create some beautiful music with this song” – 

“An Anglo-Americana sound that will surely melt hearts” – Shout4Music

“Although this guy has pretty far to go before he's our very own Springsteen… that's not to say he couldn't be” - Stereoboard 



Finn Bonel returns with his second single release following his well-received debut ‘Love’s The Only Thing’.


Wedding Song’ sees Bonel stay true to his rusky Anglo-Americana roots, but this time he’s given his music an ‘Eastern shimmer’, adding an Indian influence with a sitar, tabla and tambura (courtesy of Baluji Shrivastav). Added to this is a string arrangement put together by revered Cellist Audrey Riley who, over the years, has recorded and arranged for the likes of The Smiths, The Cure, Nick Cave, Smashing Pumpkins and many more.


‘Wedding Song’ has an upbeat and exotic feel, yet the strings keep everything within his familiar rustic bluesy sphere and are a clear indication of his work with producer friend Danton Supple (Coldplay, Doves, Amy Macdonald). As Finn describes; “it’s as close as I’ve ever got to the sound I had in my head, this felt like my first breath after about ten years under water”.


It’s more up-tempo than his regular output and carries a slightly blunter message than his debut. The chorus line, "How's she gonna love you, if you don't love yourself?" under-pinned with Bonel’s inimitable vocal offers classic style pop music without the bubble gum finish. Signing off at just under three minutes, it’s a short and sweet example of Finn’s oracular prowess.


Finn exudes a shy yet intense demeanor and his songs possess an inherent human touch that more and more modern day music fans crave, they are un-hyped, un-sparkly, un-contrived and timeless.

Comparisons could be drawn with Ryan Adams, Midlake, Ben Howard or perhaps even the uplifting projections of Bon Iver and a pinch of Springsteen, but at the core of this song is the message of accepting who you are because that's all you can be, and if you don't like yourself you can't expect anyone else to. 


See the accompanying video (cleared for hosting) here:


Catch Finn Live:

Frankfest, Manchester 31st march - Acoustic
93Feet East, London, 2nd April 2012 - Acoustic
Club Surya, London, 19th April 2012
Water Rats, London, 30th April 2012
Half Moon, London, 10th May 2012
Proud Galleries, London, 14th May 2012
Islington Academy, London, 26th May 2012
The Willow Festival, Peterborough 27th May 2012

Fans can enjoy this free download of ‘Solitary Man’ (Unplugged) here:  


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