Greta Svabo Bech drops new single today - the spellbinding 80s synth-inspired 'Dominoes'!


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Greta Svabo Bech releases 80s inspired single 'Dominoes', out today via Norway's Propeller Recordings, listen here...

Over the course of three and a half minutes 'Dominoes' evolves and swells in a warm embrace of inquisitive synths and vocals, with an understated beauty that sparks yet more intrigue into the Faroese singer-songwriter's new creative chapter.

Following on from The Independent-approved ‘Breathe’ in March, the new single subtly introduces more electronic elements whilst retaining a dreamlike emotive core, and ruminates further on themes of impermanence and mortality.

Greta explains these ideas, and how they came to be whilst on a trip to Stockholm... “In many ways this song is about the impermanence and fragility of a moment. But it’s also about the magic of a moment. The process of finishing the production had us circling in on this idea as well - the more we tried to “perfect” the song after it was written, the more we wanted to go back to the original “magic” of the song. The magic is everything. The beauty in imperfection and fragility. That’s human"

Newly signed to leading Norwegian label Propeller Recordings - home to Highasakite and Sløtface - Greta previously picked up a Grammy-nomination through her work with Deadmau5, and has since settled back into her home country of The Faroe Islands. Whilst working on new material at home over the past two years, her relationship with the remote North Atlantic archipelago is as much a source of inspiration as her varied musical collaborations and experiences growing up in Portugal, England and Singapore.

This vast array of influence results in a sonically diverse and highly considered brand of intelligent electro pop - one that strives to find the strength in sensitivity, the beauty in imperfection and the magic in the mundane.

With more to come this year Greta Svabo Bech is one to keep an eye on.


About Greta Svabo Bech

Greta Svabo Bech is a Faroese singer-songwriter. Her nomadic upbringing saw her periodically relocating to several different countries around the world, and as a result music became an anchor.

Where many might have found being frequently uprooted disruptive, Svabo relished the opportunity it gave her to appreciate and interrogate the environment she found herself in, using her passion, sensitivity and curiosity to hone her expansive electronic pop palette.

Greta learned violin from the age of five, and regularly participated in the mass singalongs as part of the annual Ólavsøka festival, but singing wasn’t something she pursued publicly until her mid-teens when she joined a folk band, playing Irish bars around Singapore. Emboldened by the experience, she returned to the UK for university, studying Music and Philosophy in Liverpool.

It was there that Svabo discovered the artists who would go on to shape her solo output, including James Blake, Bat For Lashes and Frank Ocean. It was there too that she first formed her own bands, leading to an unexpected request to collaborate with Deadmau5 on what became the Grammy-nominated single for Best Dance Recording ‘Raise Your Weapon’.

Greta then moved back to the Faroe Islands and kicked off her solo career with a string of singles and her debut EP Bones in 2019. With a bigger project planned for 2021 she firmly cements herself as part of a growing list of Faroese musicians making waves overseas, though her thought-provoking storytelling and intelligent electro pop.

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