Seoul Sisters - The Twistettes In Mood for Manchester Festival

Manchester, Glasgow & Edinburgh Dance to a New Urban Beat 28th April - The Bred Shed Manchester

Having toured the UK extensively and also played South Korea’s largest music showcase event Zandari, the Twistetttes, Make great music, loud, rawcus, but with brilliant attitude and an old school punk energy. They are often described as " Dirty, twisted bass sound with a hit of swinging flare and thumping, driving drums". We caught up with The Twistettes fresh from recording a new album session as they prepare to get their tickets for the Mega-bus and head south to MoodsFest.. 

Tell us about your last live gig in Manchester (Fuel) and are you looking forward to a return to the city

It was all very last minute but we had an ace time. Patchwork Rattlebag managed to sort it out for us with only a couple of weeks notice as we had a Manchester shaped hole in our UK tour and really wanted to play there. We were grateful for the opportunity and had a great night partying afterwards. 

As a two piece band you have a huge sound- as you develop, can you see you adding addition ad hoc members or instruments, or is the two piece , the essence of what your about ?

That's a good question. We did think we may have to do something like that for the new album but the way it all came together , we were happy keeping it nice and raw as a two piece. The songs came together really quickly after our debut album 'Jilt the Jive' so we just played them live for the last year and it felt good so we just went for it the way it was because the feedback we got was really encouraging. We recorded the new album 'A Strange Play' in the amazing T Pot Studios with Robin Wynn Evans who was so good to work with. The first single is out next month and the album should drop at the end of the summer. I think right now the Two piece is our essence and what we are about. That could change in the future but right now is so much fun and so less hassle just me and Nicky.

What drives the Twistettes as a band ? and what bands currently in Glasgow and Manchester do you admire or listen to

We just love making a racket . We are sisters so have played in bands together since Nicky was 11 so we are almost telepathic when it comes to working together. I ended up focusing my self on being a techno DJ for a few years but came back to the band a couple of years ago and we have had so much fun and been lucky enough to make two albums already. We just love making tunes and playing shows so it's so cool to have been asked play Moods Fest. We actually played with a really cool Manchester band not long ago called The Empty Page who absolutely rocked it , People should definitely check them out. The Moods obviously too. They certainly know how to get the party started. Manchester has such a rich history of amazing artists we grew up listening to and I'm sure we will find another few gems on April 28th. Glasgow is also filled with legends but we had great fun bouncing about to Bis last week who I remember loving as a wee yin so it was well cool to very briefly say Hi to them. There's so many great bands in Glasgow currently but here's a few I really love Joyce Delaney , Bratakus, Mickey 9s , Colonel Mustard, Busker Rhymes, Bombskare, Spring Break (not all strictly Glasgow he he)  

You have had a seriously busy 12 months, with a trip to Korea, UK Tours, playing festival crowds such as Eden, Doune the Rabbit Hole, Mugstock and Loch Lomond Boat Party and many more– what’s next for you in 2018

As I said we have just finished the album last week. We recorded it all over Two days in a picturesque farm in Perthshire so we're just chilling out for a little bit and only doing a few shows until the album releases in August or September then hopefully doing a UK tour. Maybe even a European tour with The Girobabies if all the stars align but we do have some cracking gigs lined up before all of that. Our single launch will be at McChuill's in Glasgow on June 1st with our pals Spring Break then we get to play the main stage of our favourite summer festival The Kelburn Garden Party at the end of June. There may be one or two other things in the pipeline but we want to get the record out and then go up and down the country starting with Loud Women festival in London on September 15th . Buzzing to play Manchester though, We had to make an exception for this one.

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