Black Roots Return as Artist of the Week on UK Radio

Acclaimed UK reggae Outfit Feature as "Classic Artist" on Indie Rocks Radio

"Juvenile Delinquent" Taken from "Black Roots with Friends" Plays 11th April 8pm

Black Roots "delivering conscious and uncompromising messages with harmonic vocals backed by a deep melodic roots reggae rhythm that makes them so unique".


A1M records Ltd

A1M records new music show has chosen this amazing and truly classic UK reggae artist Black Roots to feature as Classic Independent Artist of the Week" - "Paul Travis says, "Since 1981, Black roots have been making music that moves people and has a real social message, a wonderful example to today,s musicians, we are delighted to feature them on this weeks show."

Black Roots have made music since 1979 when they first formed in St Pauls Bristol. They exploded onto the independent music scene back in 1981 when John Peel, the legendary DJ on BBC Radio 1, showcased their debut EP on his show, hailing them as one of the best new reggae bands to emerge in the UK. They are now performing live again delivering that conscious and uncompromising message with those harmonic vocals backed by a deep melodic roots reggae rhythm that makes them so unique.

The A1M Records New Music Show, is on Indie Rocks Radio- this week its Episode 12 . April 11th 2019. - 15 great tracks from across the USA, Europe, UK and beyond, all genres, all types of artists. The show broadcasts from Manchester to the world and is listened to in over 50 countries.

Los Angeles : 1 1.00 am : New York : 15.00 : Manchester :20.00
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Artist - Track
1. The Capitals - Better off Dead
2. Hey Bulldog - "Al Lupo"
3. Shana Cleveland - Face The Sun
4. Breathe of My Leaves - Harris Alexiou (Plate Smasher Radio Mix)
(@ColinsCuts - Pick of the Week)
5. Ghosts of Social Networks (GSON)- Dont let me down(Radio Edit)
6. Pagons S.O.H. - Bannananah
7. Black Roots - Juvenile Delinquent
(A1M records Classic Indie Artist of the week)
8.Shy FX - Bye- Bye- Bye (Ft Juck James + Chronix)
(Black Triangle pick of the week)
9. Drew Davies - Man on The Run
(Emma Scott's Breaking Rocks, Pick of the week)
10.Moses - You Worry Too Much
(A1M records Tune of the week)
11. Melissa Kelly & The Smoking Crows - I wont give up on you !
(Mark McG Scotland's Tune of The week)
12. Jospephine Sillars + Manic Pixies - Skeleton (Omega Mix)
(Mark McG Scotland's Tune of The week)
13. Our Fold - A little Too Late
14. The Velvet Shakers - The Love I feel
15.The Moods - Missing peace USA Remix (Mark Pistel).


"All our songs were inspired by the over sight of how the youth dem lost their way in the jungle of capitalism, slaying dem brothers and sisters without any hesitation. That brutality comes from the mindset of our so-called leaders. Especially the title track, Take It, which sums up the world's concept, putting money before life, not of Jahjah, the almighty God, Rastafari".

So, says the band about this album. And when you read this, it becomes clear that Black Roots are not about to be turned away from the path that they have chosen. They have never shied away from making social and political commentary or singing about African emancipation. But always with that ability to be inclusive, encompassing all people and races into that message, speaking about knowledge, empowerment and of coming together to stand up and fight against those that seek to oppress and enslave the poor and the weak in society.

April 10, 2019 10:46am ET by A1M records Ltd  

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