TOP 50 Radio tunes of 2020 previewed on Spotify

Two Massive Radio shows Xmas Eve & New Years Eve 8PM GMT

Spotify playlist features shortlist of 100 tunes from the 900 played

All genres , Indie, Dance, Alternative, Punk, Rock, Grime, Pop, Acoustic


A1M records Ltd

100 tunes from the 900 we have featured on this years new music radio show - On 8PM Xmas Eve we will count down 50-26 and on 8pm NYE we will unveil 25-1 - the A1M records new music show on Indie rocks Radio UK - We have had some amazing music this year-

A1M Global Radio Show on Indie Rocks Radio

“Without new artists shouting from the Side-lines, The Music industry would cease to exist.”

The A1M Records New Music Show on Indie Rocks Radio- broadcasts to the world, weekly, on the Indie Rocks Radio, Global Internet Radio Station. Paul Travis, label director at A1M, plays all new music from across the globe in a new one-hour show, which will broadcast from Manchester England. The show launched its first episode on 24th January 2019. Manchester: 20.00, New York: 17.00 : Los Angeles: 10.00 am

“You are listening to "A1M records, New Music Show. The Best in Underground, Indie, Alternative, & Electronic Dance music from around the Globe, an eclectic mix of brand-new music from; USA, UK, Europe & beyond. Broadcast from Manchester England, On Indie Rocks Radio.”

The show includes regular features, showcasing the best in different genres. It's set to be a show for all people who want to discover new music, and will draw from the demos, submissions to the label, plus contributions from music producers, radio pluggers, music enthusiasts, who are passionate about supporting and developing new and undiscovered talent. “Without new artists shouting from the Side-lines, The Music industry would cease to exist.”


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December 14, 2020 3:00am ET by A1M records Ltd  

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