Kim Girdlestone To Release Debut EP "Freedom & Enterprise" on 6th May



"Freedom & Enterprise'" EP 


“Freedom & Enterprise” is the debut EP from Kim Girdlestone, a Sydney based singer/songwriter. Distinguished by her rich, distinct and emotive voice, Kim hits the crossroads of Soul, Blues and Folk. Her music alternates between highlights of daisy-chain yellows and lowlights of battlefield blues. 

After years of being told that she should record, Kim finally came to a place where she knew who she was as an artist. The realisation of her grandfather’s immense vocal talent being taken from this world without a lasting legacy was the pivotal point where she felt an undeniable urge to record her music. 

Freedom & Enterprise” is a collection of songs chosen from various moments throughout Kim’s life. The title was inspired by a day trip in Paris, the resonating lyrics from a Doors song and the art of taking a risk in life. 

"When You Fall is the focus single from the EP. A neo-soul infusion, it hits you from the first beat. The feature of the track is Kim’s vocals, channeling the spirited message of the lyrics into a voice that traverses from soothing to robust and powerful. Her band explores the soul territories laid down by predecessors, adding a gospel spark to the track with percussive piano and melodic organ. The result is a track that inspires an uplifting emotional charge into any listener. 

To help breathe new life into her intimate songs, she enlisted the likes of producers Scott Greenaway & Daniel Biederman of Green Beads Production in Sydney. They were a great fit as they have a deep seeded understanding of soul music as both musicians and producers. 

When You Fall’ was drawn from a holiday experience in the country where I was celebrating the love of two good friends, at the same time battling my own heartache. Drawing upon the serenity of the farm and the stillness of the room I sat down and tinkered on an old Sojin. Although it was slightly out of tune I fell in love with the deep tones, as they reflected my frame of mind. Since then the song has taken on new life and has become a motivational song to me and demonstrates that your past can bring you closer to the things you want in your future” – Kim Girdlestone 

Kim is now eager to hit the stage to showcase her new songs and will be headlining with a full band performance at The Brass Monkey, Cronulla on May 15. 


For Fans Of: Alabama Shakes | Aretha Franklin | Aloe Blacc | Meg Mac


Upcoming Shows: 

Sun 15 May - Brass Monkey, Cronulla, Sydney 


Freedom & Enterprise” EP by KIM GIRDLESTONE will be released 6th of May 2016 and features the single “When You Fall”.






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