Psytrance Band Originating in Cornwall Launch Album Amid Summer Festivals

A Psychedelic Trance band formed by brothers Mark and Ian in West Cornwall has released its eleventh album on Cornwall-based Aardvark Records while playing major festivals and venues.


Aardvark Records

In 1995 the band Zetan Spore formed in West Cornwall. The band’s originator Ian Hasdell was inspired by psychedelic rock in the late 80's and it's evolution into early dance acts such as Eat Static and Astralasia, which brought about the new genre of Psytrance in the first half of the 90's.

Starting with a second hand Amiga 1200 computer, Ian started arranging samples for his own psychedelic dance music.

After releasing his first album called Alien Frequencies in 1996 and then getting heavily into the world of synths and sampling, Ian’s twin brother Mark came on board playing guitar and didgeridoo to form their unique synergistic partnership.

Zetan Spore then brought out an album Visitation in 1997 and were then signed to Aardvark Records, where they have so far released another ten albums spanning two decades starting with The Pillars of Creation in 1998 up to their most recent, Dimensions, now available in 2018.

More motivated by the live side of music since their first gig in 1997, Zetan Spore are now known as one of the few live Psytrance acts on the regular festival circuit, as they have kept their live performance almost entirely hardware based, using synths and samplers with the guitars and didgeridoo as well as computer technology.

The highlights of Zetan Spore's extensive live performances include playing to a 25,000 strong crowd at the Euphoria Festival in Singapore and a high altitude set in the Swiss Alps. Zetan Spore have also performed at festivals such as Waveform, Beautiful Days, Sunrise and Bearded Theory.

Zetan Spore’s music is energetic and positive Psytrance with didgeridoo-fuelled tribal breaks and guitar riffs adding to the electronic side of the music. They have built up an enthusiastic live audience with their unique sound and are dancefloor pleasers.

Zetan Spore release their latest album Dimensions on Aardvark Records, which is now available on digital record sales sites including iTunes and Amazon while the band play regularly at major festivals worldwide.

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Track listing:

  1. Dimension Shift 7:46
  2. Scatterbrain 8:38
  3. Everything's Cool 7:28
  4. Xenopod 8:49
  5. Pyramidian 8:00
  6. Dr Fungenstein 8:34
  7. Energize 8:24
  8. Primal Code 8:03
  9. Love Hurt Bleed 7:24

Aardvark Records is an independent record company, which was founded in 2001 on a 50/50 split basis with artists who were signed once they were ready to release music with their recordings and promotional materials intact.

In 2018, now that artists have many more opportunities to sell their own music and launch their careers digitally, Aardvark Records provides support for talented new musicians to provide a fair entry into the music industry with licensing, distribution and synchronization across founder Andrew Reeve's extensive worldwide music industry contacts. These spread back over 2 decades running a record company and further back into his work in studios and nightclubs as a DJ.

Aardvark Dance is run from Amsterdam by David Koonen and previous music promoter and journalist Sophie Sweatman provides PR and A&R support to the label and its artists.

July 19, 2018 8:21am ET by Aardvark Records  

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