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Adam Lambert on what surprised him the most during the Queen tour

'Trespassing' sensation Adam Lambert has revealed that the one thing he was most surprised by while on tour with Queen recently was the fact that the audiences were so diverse. 

Speaking to The Backlot, the superstar admitted that he loved looking out into the crowd and seeing people of different ages singing the words back at him:

"I think seeing the diversity in the audience is always a big surprise to me, and makes me feel great."

"I saw women, men, young, old, white, black, it was very diverse, and that was one of the most gratifying things. It means you’re connecting with everybody."

Lambert went onto add that performing in place of the late Freddie Mercury is a real honour: "I’m so honoured to be able to sing the songs that he and the band wrote, and try to bring some of the original flavour, the original energy that was brought that I can see when I watch videos and concert footage. My goal is just to do that, to remind people of what the essence of Queen is."

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