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Adam Lambert: 'As an out celebrity I want to use my voice to raise awareness and influence people'

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert has revealed that as an out music star, he feels an obligation to stand up for the community and do as much as possible to help relevant causes. 

Speaking to The Backlot in a new interview, the sensation explained that he wants to use his celebrity for good and tries to be as involved in raising awareness for issues he thinks are important as possible:

"I always want to have something going in that realm, I think it’s really important. I’m a celebrity because of what I do, my talent, I think, that’s first and foremost, but as an out celebrity I have this great opportunity to try and influence people, or open their minds, or give them strength, in both the gay community or the mainstream straight community."

"I just think it’s exciting to be able to be in that position, and so I always try to have something going on, and yeah, I think if it feels right, I go with that one."

Lambert also spoke about the importance of encouraging other LGBT artists to come out because it makes the scene stronger, encourages more support, and helps the industry to be more and more accepting:

"I think we need more LGBT artists, that’s what I’m hoping we’ve moved towards, and it looks like things are finally getting to the point where someone who is LGB or T is able to become a recognizable artist, and that’s a big step forward, so hopefully we’re more and more a part of the entertainment industry."

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Watch him talk about his Live Proud campaign below: