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Adam Lambert on performing with Queen: 'It's part of my blood now'

Adam Lambert has opened up on how dealt with performing with Queen.

The singer has played live with the iconic group over the last few years and they spent a portion of 2014 touring the likes of North America and Australia.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the former American Idol contestant admitted that he was initially "awestruck" by their team-up and that he felt like he was merely "winging" it.

However, the US star added that he later became at one with the music and his bandmates.

Lambert said of performing with Queen at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011:

"I made the mistake of going online and reading some of the comments after, and oh man, there were diehard Queen fans that were ruthless. I thought I’ve got to step up to the plate here. I knew it would be an uphill climb every night [if they played shows], a big challenge on a personal and performance level. I was winging it, that’s what it felt like."

The singer added: "I realised it’s no use being awestruck because we are in this together. I’d done my homework. I read every biography, watched every documentary, listened to every album. It’s like I’ve crawled into the music, it's part of my blood now, I don’t have to think about it, I can just be. You let instinct take over and that’s when things get really interesting."

Queen and Lambert meanwhile kicked off their 2015 European tour in Newcastle on Tuesday (January 13).

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Watch Queen perform with Lambert below: