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Adam Lambert: 'I’m so happy Sam Smith's sexuality wasn’t a big thorn in his side'

Adam Lambert says he is pleased Sam Smith's sexuality hasn't impeded his success.

The Brit has become a massive star over the last year on both sides of the Atlantic.

Speaking to the May issue of Attitude, Lambert said that he is happy that Smith's sexuality hasn't been an issue for him.

He said: "Sam Smith, hats off, he has had an amazing year, he’s a lovely guy. I’ve met him a few times. I’m so happy for him, and I’m so happy his sexuality wasn’t a big thorn in his side.

"It was just: ‘This is who I am, I’m cool with it and so you should be too'. And his songs are timeless and beautiful, and everybody relates to them. He’s doing it right, for sure."

Speaking meanwhile about his relationship with other openly gay musicians, Lambert said:

"I think with me and Sam, there’s definitely an understanding there, like: ‘Hey gurl, how you doing?’ [laughs] But you know, there’s only a few of us actually, on a mainstream level. I think we’re building a little clique, I hope, but I haven’t met that many.

"I mean, Elton John is amazing, what a sweetheart, and Boy George is also incredible. I’ve sat down and had lunch with him before, he’s so smart and has been though a lot, and now he’s in a really good, healthy space, and loves music and is DJing and is still really connected to pop culture. He was really interesting to talk to."

The vocal powerhouse also gave more details about upcoming single 'Ghost Town', which will be premiered on April 21.

He said: "Oh it’s really dark. For someone who listens to lyrics, it’s dark. I’ve done a lot of camp in the past and worn ‘out there’ clothing – feathers and glitter – and I’ve had a great time doing it. I kind of grew  up thinking that every day was Halloween, but as I’ve gotten older, in the last five years, I’ve become a little bit past that.

"Pretty immediately after we finished [the song]. It was a bit like, ‘Well, this is the one'. There are four or five other really obvious singles, but when we finished that one it felt special. It felt like it had to be the one."

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