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Adam Lambert: 'Reporters forget that I want to talk about my music'

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert recently sat down for a chat with @Wild949 and opened up about how the media likes to twist the things he says.  

He explained that he's tired of people taking his quotes of out context and admitted that it's exhausting to deal with because all he really wants to talk about is his new music: "Oh man, I don't know [...] I think the thing that's so hard is that people forget to talk about the thing that I'm here to do, which is music."

When asked about his music video for 'Ghost Town', Lambert explained that the dancers involved in the project are mostly friends of his: "A lot of them are friends of mine. A lot of them (the dancers) are friends of mine. That was the most relaxed music video I've ever done. He (Hype Williams, director) was like 'come down, we'll make some margaritas'... it was like a house party!"

Lambert also opened up about the Mother's Day feature he recently did for People magazine with his mum Leila and confessed that because he won't be able to see her on May 10 for the celebration, he took her to dinner after the interview: 

"I don't think we'll be able to get together, but that day we did the shoot... that night, we went out to dinner and it was like an early Mother's Day thing. I made sure I got it in." 

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