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Adam Lambert says 80s covers album idea 'didn't resonate' with him

Adam Lambert says he didn't feel the connection when he was asked to create an album of 80s covers.

The singer was propositioned with the idea by former label RCA, who didn't want him to make an original record.

He then left the company before joining Warner Bros in 2015 to release 'The Original High' this summer.

Speaking to LoveLive, Lambert said that he understood on a commercial level why RCA might have wanted him to make a covers album.

However, it didn't feel right to his artistic mind. The US star said:

"To be successful in this industry you have to have a side of you that’s a business person and a side of you that’s an artist. And on a business level, I was being objective - ok, I can see how this [the proposed covers album] would be a good business proposition.

"But I was waiting to see if my ‘artist’ would respond to it. I was listening to the music and it just didn’t resonate - it didn’t feel like what I should be doing - I just had to trust my gut on that. And it was a little scary saying so, because i was like, ‘I guess that means I gotta go’."

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