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Adam Lambert: 'It's easy to assume someone's an a**hole'

Vocal sensation Adam Lambert has covered Schön magazine and in the accompanying interview, he opened up about being misunderstood in the music industry. 

The 'Ghost Town' superstar explained that people often thought the theatrical and darker look he originally presented to the world meant that he was something of a diva: 

"I think when you wear eccentric clothing and you perform confidently on stage it's easy to assume someone is an asshole or a diva or whatever and I don't think I am. I'm sure I've had my moments but I think I'm pretty friendly."

Lambert went onto add that it's frustrating when the public assumes he has no creative control over his music because he came through the 'American Idol' route:

"I think one of the other misconceptions is that a lot of the ideas and creativity doesn't come from me. Maybe because of where I came from with American Idol or whatever. I think sometimes people go "Why is the label making you do this". No one's making me do anything. OK, I’m doing it. It is a team effort."

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Watch a timelapse video of Lambert's recent performance with Queen here:


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